Aug. 2017 PRAXIS d’ARCHITECTURE shortlisted in  

“Multi-Disciplinary Architecture”by “The American Architecture PrizeTM”

PRAXIS d‘ARCHITECTURE has been chosen by the AAP jury as one of the winners of the AAP – The Firm of the Year Award 2017, under the same awards as STUDIO GANG from Chicago, US and HIBINOSEKKEI + YOUJI NO SHIRO from Kanagawa, Japan.

The AAP Firm of the Year Award recognizes the excellence of inspiring and innovative architectural firms around the globe based on the companies’ total body of work.

The AAP 2017 Firm Of The Year Award has chosen 50 architectural and interior firms around the world containing 25 interior design firms, 22 architectural firms and 3 urban design + landscape firms. Award categories multi-disciplinary architecture, residential architecture, and multi-disciplinary interior design, commercial and industrial interior design etc.  Among the 22 shortlisted architectural firms, PRAXIS d‘ARCHITECTURE  is the only Chinese local architectural firm.

Architecture changes lives as well as landscapes. AAP – The American Architecture Prize™ is set to become one of the most respected awards in the industry and aims to showcase the phenomenal talent and vision displayed by architects all over the world.

We aim to recognize individuals and teams who have made a substantial contribution to all areas of architecture. We celebrate those who push boundaries and set new standards. Buildings clearly need to be practical and serve a purpose, but the AAP recognizes that excellence in architecture goes far beyond that.

We believe great architecture is about creating a lasting design that will remain for generations while inspiring people and enriching their lives. Innovative buildings, designs and landscapes can help redesign the way we live our lives for the better and enable us to make the most of the space we have.

AAP – The American Architecture Prize™


From The American Architecture Prize™ website