Nov. 2015

PLD Magazine published “Inspiration: The Importance of Walking store”

27. Nov 2015

Less is … attractively different——When developing a design for the Importance of Walking store in Peking/RC, the architects from Praxis d’Architecture were faced with the challenge to create a meaningful display concept for a compact, temporary shoe store.

The flowing display design is supported by a series of three-dimensional shelves, purposefully illuminated to lend the store a dynamic formal language of its own.

The flexible shelving system consists of 55 curved white medium density fibreboard (MDF) panels, cut to create niches on which to display the shoes. Each of the shoe stands has a light box above it with a five-watt energy saving lamp to highlight the individual shoes.

The seating element located in the centre of the 13 square metre store reiterates the shape of the ceiling luminaire, which comprises an organically shaped translucent acrylic panel backlit by fluorescent lamps. A soft line of light along the top section of the shelving supplements the ambient lighting.

The shelving is specifically designed to be curvaceous to attract the right clientele. The subtle lines of light together with the organic forms renders the space lively and attractively different.”

——PLD Magazine