Site: Harrow International School, Beijing
Time: 2016
Status: Completed
Size: 25 sqm
Client: Friends of Harrow
Team: Di Shaohua, Liu Xing, Feng Jiancheng
Photographer: Feng Shuxian


The school’s main lobby is a multifunctional space during school days. It is the indoor alternative when outdoor air quality exceeds pollution quota in time of important school event. In such case, the lobby could become packed during the events. Relocated at one side of the main lobby, movable panels are designed for the new parent committee space to generate flexible uses. It can be closed for meeting or opened up to be shared by the community.

The parent committee organizes activities to foster interaction and enhance relationships among students, teachers and parents. The committee also raises money to donate to charity organizations and to support school events. The design of the back wall intents to manifest such core values of the parent committee. Both the Wall of Hope and Wall of Display are open to participation from students and teachers.

Wall of Display
The Wall of display is made of a matrix of recycled paper rolls sticking out from a layer of perforated metal panel. Each paper roll can slide in and out so that the wall could be made into endless configurations to suit any display purpose.

Wall of Hope
Next to the window is the “Wall of Hope”. Transparent acrylic tubes at 45 degree angle are filled with planting soil at the bottom. The drip irrigation system is part of the design. Each tube is connected to a small irrigation pipe which converges to a bigger pipe then connected to a water bucket placed behind the perforated metal panel. Seeds are planted into the tubes and plants grow out. The life cycle of a plant could be for a season. The planting of “seeds of hope” is made by students and linked with seasonal school activities and charity events.