Founded in 2009, Praxis d’Architecture is actively engaged in a broad range of projects of various scales, from offices, artist studios, exhibition spaces to installation, furniture, etc.

Our design begins with identification and analysis of cultural and physical context of the site and drawing inspiration from it. Then a theme of design is to be acquired. This theme will be tangibly represented through the device of architecture, and determines the nature of material, light and space. The theme will be transformed as a result of the reaction when it confronts with site, programmatic requirements, and other external forces. Design process is to discover, during the “reaction”, the threshold between perceptibility and imperceptibility of the theme. This process is calibration of proportion between the real and the mental, the fact and the theme. Sometimes the theme can be resolved into architectural experience, but sometimes it will never be resolved unless the theme is reacquired, because architecture bears practicality.


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2017 Iconic Architecture Awards, Winner, Ying Gallery, Germany
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2016 A’ Design Bronze Awards, Spring Art Museum, Italy
2016 Architizer A+Awards, Special Mention, Praxis d’Studio Renovation, USA
2014 Young architect, UED magazine, China
2014 Design excellence certificate, 751DLab, Beijing, China


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