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Architecture and design infiltrates into every detail of our daily life. We consider architecture and architect not merely a profession, but a life style. When time allows, we interact with design studios in universities, go to see art exhibitions, visit a built environment, etc. While getting familiar with the technical aspect of a project design, we form a habit of thinking about the origin of design. The most important thing for us is to find a way of living and thinking that leads to creativity.

PRAXiS d’ ARCHITECTURE’s work has been widely published and received many awards including WAN Bauhaus Gold Prize, Master Architecture Prize Firm of the Year Awards, German Design Awards, Chinese Architecture Design and Survey Awards, etc.  In 2021, PRAXiS d’ ARCHITECTURE was featured in book China, The New Creative Power in Architecture, Braun Publishing, Switzerland.


Shaohua Di is the founding principal in PRAXiS d’ ARCHITECTURE.  Before establishing her own practice, she worked as a senior designer in Perkins+Will and a client architect for Qianmen 23 renovation project in Beijing.  She has been studio and thesis critic for Tianjing University, China Central Academy of Fine Arts and Dessau Institute of Architecture. She is the mentor of practice for graduate school of architecture in Tianjin University.  She was featured by Austin William’s book New Chinese Architecture – Twenty Women Building the Future published by Thames & Hudson London.  She was an invited juror for 2020-2022 Word Architecture News Awards, 2021 Female Frontier Awards and 2021 Rethinking Future Awards.

Her design adopts an ingenious and harmonious approach to integrate architecture and its surroundings based on her understandings of the site’s cultural and physical context.  She strives to create extraordinary spatial experiences by using economic, Eco-friendly and local materials and available means of construction. Regardless of project scale, she seeks to fully realize architecture’s practical values while fulfilling it with spirits.

Shaohua holds a B.Arch from Tianjin University and an M.Arch and a S.March.S (Urbanism) from MIT where she received Francis Ward Chandler Prize in 2003.