Jul. 2021

Woman in Architecture Berlin 2021 / 28 Positions in Architecture / Shaohua Di – Guest speaker

WIA : Is architecture a privilege?

Shaohua Di : Architecture is not a privilege. A post earthquake temporary shelter provides immediate material support for the suffered. A tea house or an office facilitates reconciliation among different opinions. A religious space is to for one to console his/her inner self. Architecture is for people. The significance of architecture lies on its potential to convey meanings towards harmonious coexistence between human and nature, and to facilitate understanding of different cultures and ideas.        

WIA : Does architecture have a sound?

Shaohua Di : Instead of “frozen music”, architecture is an instrument that produces a sound. The sound is in a form of energy that flows along movements of life unfurling in and out of the spaces. Good architecture has a sound that is in tone with the nature’s symphony.


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