THEATER ART BOUTIQUE HOTEL 2019-2023 | Praxis d'Architecture


  • 12/03/21


Site: Sanya, Hainan Province
Time: 2019-2023
Status: To be completed in 2023
Size: 1,345 sqm
Client: Sanya Chun Rui Business Co.,LTD.
Architecture Design: PRAXiS d’ ARCHITECTURE
Team: Di Shaohua, Xu Xinxin, Yang Jialin, Liu Xing, Feng Jiancheng

The theater art boutique hotel is a commissioned project to be built in 2023. located in Sanya, Hainan province, the site is along the main road across a residence village development, and the hotel is one of several resort facilities to arouse vibrancy to the neighborhood. The design intended for the hotel architecture to become part of the theater art.

A thick layer of “earth” is lifted up and hence two theaters occurred: one is the “cave theater” underneath the “earth”. The other is the “urban theater” above the earth. Connecting the two “theaters”, from inside, there is a spatially confined public stair case meandering in-between a thick “wall” at the north side. From outside, there are public steps along the east side of the building leading from the top of the staggered terraces to the pedestrian square at ground level. An amphitheatre is part of the design and situated across the square directly facing the terraces.

The public can enter from the north side and enter the “cave theater” to watch performance and experience the “abstraction of reality” as a beholder, and then climb up to the public rooftop facing the amphitheater, and become both speculators and actors in the “urban theater”. Eight hotel rooms are embedded inside the thick layer of “earth”, each with a private terrace in the front. Hence the architecture is transformed into both a stage and a stand.

A curtain of transparency made of soft metal mesh is hung at the north entry side, intending to recall, a boundary that is occasionally blurring between the theater and the reality.

The outdoor entry hall in the north provides a shaded area favoured by pedestrian under local tropical climate. Air conditioning are only required for the hotel rooms and underground mufti-functioning space, so energy consumption is minimized. The rest of hotel services are within reach at a management building in a walking distance.