Site: Beijing International Design Week, 751D•LAB
Time: 2014
Status: Completed
Size: 33.3cmx33.3cmx33.3cm
Designed by: Di Shaohua, Feng Shuxian

What architecture can bring us is not just a feeling of beauty or comfort, or reminiscence of culture and history, but a feeling of sublimity, a noble condition of human instinct.
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The Think Box was made for the 751D•Lab exhibition in 2014 Beijing International Design Week. The exhibition requested every designer to make a Think Box to be hung next to their board. Our design work was shown in three themes: Tectonics, Duality and Fluidity, which was also source of concept for the box.

The box was made by transparent plexiglass etched with texts at a dimension of 33cmx33cmx33cm. The ticket measures 13cmx7.5cm. After the 7 day exhibition, each section of the box received not only plenty of tickets, but also paper folding “art” in forms of heart, plane, ship, paper ball, crane….